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Hoosier Boys and Girls State

Graham Morey

Called "a week to shape a lifetime," Hoosier Boys and Girls State sponsored by the American Legion, Department of Indiana, is a learning experience in the theory, organization, and practical application of the process of our democratic form of government. It provides the youth of Indiana a first hand insight into the rights and responsibilities of a citizen under our government.

Young men and women who need at least one more semester's credits to earn a high school diploma are eligible to apply. Upon recommendation of their respective principal and counselor, these applicants are referred to local American Legion posts. These posts either donate or solicit the funds for each youth whom they choose to sponsor.

Information regarding this program is normally distributed to all Indiana secondary schools in the fall, but no later than early January each year. District Enrollment chairmen receive the Delegate and Alternate applications by time of the Department Fall Conference. Contact Graham D. Morey, by e-mail. Graham is a Past Commander of Post 500 and serves as the 11th District & Post 500 Enrollment chair for program applications.

For more detailed information, please visit the Hoosier Boys and Girls State website or write The American Legion, Department of Indiana, 777 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204, Attn, Susan Long, Hoosier Boys and Girls State.

Youth Program Sponsorships

Speedway Post 500 gladly lends support in the form of sponsorships to a variety of youth programs, including:

Speedway Junior Basketball
Speedway Junior Football
Speedway High School Music Department
Speedway High School Scholarships
Girl Scout Troop 965
Boy Scout Troop 729

Contact us to discuss or learn about Post 500/Youth sponsorship programs.